Germany Meets the US

Americans consider Germany the top non-English speaking US partner and welcome the close bond between our two countries. Intergovernmental relations are at an all-time high as the US and Germany cooperate closely on many foreign policy issues. At the same time, recent demographic and political developments in both our countries pose new challenges to the understanding between our nations. The best way to further strengthen the transatlantic partnership is through direct exchange and interpersonal meetings.

Our 2016 campaign, "Germany Meets the US", explores the relationship between Germany and the US, whether it be political, economic, cultural or historic. This is a broad topic that allows us to examine everything from US and German trading to German cuisine in the US. Universities across the US are partnering with us for the 2016 fall semester to bring this discussion into their classrooms. This website will serve as a platform for information about the topic as well as news and photos from our partner universities' programs.

Transatlantic Relations

German-US Relations

The transatlantic partnership is a basic axiom in German foreign policy. It is no longer merely a matter of security issues, the whole spectrum of global challenges is now the subject of German-US cooperation.

German-American Friendship

Multifaceted Partnership, Robust Friendship

Germany and the United States of America are bound together by historical ties of friendship. The two countries share common experiences, values and interests, though controversial issues repeatedly arise in bilateral relations. Politics, economics, culture and military cooperation are all facets that make up German-US relations.

The Globe, (c)

Central Topics

Globalization has increased the interconnectedness of peoples and countries — the impact of political decisions and economic and social developments is increasingly felt in faraway lands. Efforts to cooperate rather than confront are important to Germany.

Historic Responsibility

Historic Responsibility

Germany is profoundly aware of the historic responsibility it bears toward the Jewish community and toward the State of Israel as a result of the crimes of the Nazi regime. This responsibility, a cornerstone of German policy, requires remembrance, reconciliation and ongoing vigilance - now and in the future.

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Germans and Americans can be a powerful motor for cooperation on climate and energy policies. The aim of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge is to help Americans and Germans exchange know-how and to pave the way for joint solutions.