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Germany: The Year Ahead

Dec 30, 2016 |

In Germany, 2017 is a year of elections, with both the Presidential Election taking place in February and the Bundestag election taking place in the fall. But 2017 will also be marked by an important anniversary. Let's take a look at some of the upcoming year's major events!

Germany Ranks Second in 2016 Nation Brands Index

Dec 28, 2016 |
Nation Brands Index

Germany has ranked second in the 2016 Nation Brands Index - a study that examines the image of 50 countries around the world. This is the second time Germany has taken second place as the country with the "best image", following the United States.

Think Tank Experts Invited to Informational Trip to Germany

Dec 22, 2016 |
Think Tank Reise

The Foreign Ministry sent 14 US think tank experts on an informational trip to Germany this month, allowing them to learn more about Germany's political, economic and cultural life.

World's Largest Pumpkin Festival Displays Over 450,000 Pumpkins in Ludwigsburg

Oct 13, 2016 |
K├╝rbisausstellung Ludwigsburg

The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is the largest in the world. With sculptures made entirely of pumpkins, pumpkin boat races and an annual search for the heaviest pumpkin, this German festival is a unique sight to see.

World's First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train Comes to Germany

Sep 29, 2016 |

The world's first hydrogen-powered passenger train will operate in Germany starting next year. The zero-emissions train is an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel trains.