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Escaping East Germany: Germans Discuss Crossing the Border

Nov 19, 2014 |

For decades, Germany was divided, cut in two by a highly-secured border that seemed almost impossible to penetrate. Crossing this border was neither easy, nor safe: at least 138 people died trying. But for some, the desire for freedom outweighed the risks, and they made the dangerous journey over, under or right through the border, well knowing they may not survive.

In the Spotlight: Hartmut Berghoff

Nov 8, 2013 |
Hartmut Berghoff

The German Information Center's new web series will introduce influential Germans in the US or Americans with a connection to Germany. This week, get to know Harmut Berghoff, director of the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C.

Word of the Year: Stresstest

Dec 30, 2011 |

Germany's official language society has selected "Stresstest" as the Word of the Year, an expression used by European officials to test the financial strengths of banks.