The German Consulate General in Atlanta Continues its Series of Conferences on Energy and Climate Change

Mar 1, 2017

Retired 4 Star General Wesley K. Clark Enlarge image Retired 4 Star General Wesley K. Clark (© On March 1st, the German Consutate General in Atlanta invited Georgia legislators and distinguished guests to the Georgia Railroad Depot for a dinner reception and presentation on “Clean Energy in Georgia  – Jobs, Technology, National Security".

The 150 guest were greeted by Consul General Ruenger who then handed the proceedings over to moderator Sarah Backhouse who introduced the expert speakers.

Mr. Ervan Hancock, Director of Renewable Energy from Georgia Power, gave an update on the status of Georgia Power’s Advanced Solar Initiative program (ASI) as well as the number of jobs created since its inception.

Event at the Georgia Railroad Depot Enlarge image (© Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols used the opportunity to highlight the benefits of Georgia’s transition to becoming a leader in the electric vehicle marketplace. He himself is a big supporter of alternative vehicles, as he and his wife both own electric vehicles. His commitment to alternative fuels has been evident in the Alternative Fuel Roadshow, a yearly event that Commissioner Echols has been leading for years. Adding to the topic, Harald Henn, VP and CFO of Mercedes-Benz USA in Atlanta gave a presentation on the implications of alternative power-plants and connected vehicles for future automotive mobility.

The keynote address at the event was given by retired 4 Star General Wesley K. Clark, the former U.S. Joint Chief of Staff and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe. His expertise of 34 years of military service and his business acumen in clean energy and consulting made him the perfect speaker to deliver a local as well as a global perspective on the topic. His speech weaved a story from pioneers settling the West to the civil war waged in the South and the dangerous, dramatic consequences of un-checked global warming and climate change. He addressed current events in Europe and the importance of a strong NATO alliance and lasting transatlantic bonds. His riveting performance received a well-deserved standing ovation.

The event concluded with a chance to network and exchange ideas during a buffet style dinner of German inspired food.



Atlanta Skyline (c) picture-alliance/Chad Ehlers

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