Nature & Recreation

Some of  Europe's most beautiful natural areas are just a short train ride away from Germany's major cities and tourist destinations, which makes planning an outdoor escape during your trip to Germany a snap.


Winter Sports in Germany

From skiing to snowshoe hiking, there are a variety of ways to explore the magic of Germany's wintertime landscapes. Discover the ways in which you can take advantage of the winter and check out some of the most beautiful places to do so!

Clear mountain stream © picture-alliance/HB Verlag

Four Tips for A Green Trip To Germany

Giving your vacation a green theme is a great way to experience the best Germany has to offer with all your senses.

Biking along river routes

Biking Germany's Great Rivers

When it comes to choosing a route, both hardcore cycle tourists and day-trippers seek the same kind of territory. They like to pedal through rural landscapes with rivers, lakes and views of the sea.  We profile three routes that offer all of the above.


View from the Canoe – Wasserwandern in Germany

"Wasserwandern" is the German term for touring by water, traveling by canoe or a kayak along the designated waterways of multiple connected lakes or rivers. Rest areas, campgrounds and even restaurants are sometimes scattered along the route. 

Nature & Recreation

Hikers in Thuringia © picture-alliance/dpa