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The Mystery of the Nebra

Has the Nebra Sky Disk been stolen? Is a forgery on display at the museum or is it the original? Solve these mysteries and learn German at the same time with "Adventure German," a free app from the Goethe-Institute. 

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The German Information Center USA's free electronic newsletters deliver news from Germany directly to your inbox in English or German. From German-American business news to German heritage in America to the best innovations from German scientists, we will keep you up to date.

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Print Publications and Other Materials

The German Information Center USA's free publications cover all the basics about Germany for all ages. We maintain a rotating supply of posters, magazines, brochures and small giveaway materials.  Contact us to request informational materials for your report or classroom.

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Meet Philipp and Learn More About Germany!

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Philipp is Katja's little brother and your guide in "Germany for Kids," where he can tell you all about life in Germany. From major cities and geography to school and the Berlin Wall, Philipp is ready with an answer!

Resources for Teachers

A School in Germany

Teachers! Want to see even more ideas for the classroom? German teachers can find some quick ideas for the classroom and Social Studies teachers can find some new ways to integrate Germany in your classroom.