Climate and Energy Exchange Trips

The German Embassy has hosted a series of climate and energy policy visits between Germany and the U.S.. In fitting with the Transatlantic Climate Bridge's philosophy of connecting all those who seek to make a difference on a local, state and federal level, these visits reached out to a broad range of decision makers. These are just a few examples.

Green Energy Trip
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In June 2009, delegates from the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Virginia traveled to Germany for a five-day fact-finding mission. The program was presented in partnership with The Climate Group and Ecologic. The delegation was comprised of senior policymakers from some of the states that share unique similarities with Germany in terms of their economic make-up and energy mix. During the five days in Berlin and Munich, a mix of meetings, site visits, and cultural activities allowed delegates to witness firsthand the opportunities and challenges born from making a definitive leap towards a more sustainable low carbon future.

International Farmers Exchange
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In July 2009, the German Embassy worked with Ecologic and the Environmental Defense Fund to bring a group of German farmers and agricultural specialists to the U.S.. The group from Germany toured Ohio, Maryland and Washington D.C with several farmers from the US agricultural community. They visited various farm sites to observe a sample of innovative, climate friendly farming practices already occurring in the United States. The exchange focused on the establishment of common standards in the fields of energy efficiency and biofuels as well as common market conditions that allow for the design of a framework that can facilitate transatlantic and global emissions trading. This trip built on the previous US-German farmer exchange organized by EDF and Ecologic in July and August 2007 by deepening the relationships among some of the initial participants, widening the range of participants, and focusing on climate change policy.
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“Green Jobs – Green Growth” Trip
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In November 2009, eleven state policymakers from Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South-Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and California took part in an informational visit to Berlin and Bremen entitled “Green Jobs – Green Growth: Opportunities through Re-Industrialization.” The five-day visit was organized in conjunction with the Midwestern Governors Association. Its aim was to provide an in-depth knowledge of Germany’s energy and climate policy, and to discuss the prospects for job creation, advanced clean energy technologies, and industrial innovation. The trip highlighted the fact that Germany and the Midwest have much in common – both have strong traditional energy industries and both are building strong foundations for leadership in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

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