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US-German Clean Energy Leadership Series

This new, two-year publication series features instances of best practices in clean energy policy in Germany and the United States.

Transatlantic climate dialogue between US States and European regions

Increasing transatlantic climate and energy dialogue between US and European metropolitan regions is playing an important part in the success of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge.

Transatlantic Visitor Groups

The Transatlantic Climate Bridge acts as a link between Germany and the US. It provides the opportunity in a variety of different formats for Americans to see how the German government is moving towards its long term climate goals, and allows participants to see how a progessive climate policy makes economic sense.

International Carbon Action Partnership

On October 29, 2007, leaders of more than 15 governments met in Lisbon, Portugal to launch the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP).

Local Governments Climate Partnerships

A project announced by the German Environment Agency highlights the reactication of German-American and German-Japanese city partnerships that focus on climate protection.

Transatlantic climate dialogue between US States and European regions

Strong foundations already exist for this kind of regional cooperation with partnerships such as Northern Virginia and Stuttgart, Schleswig-Holstein and Maryland, Wisconsin and Bavaria, South Carolina and Rhineland-Palatinate, and Pennsylvania and North-Rhine Westphalia, as well as between the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and the Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas (Metrex).

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