Transatlantic Initiatives

We are proud to present transatlantic initiatives which strive for common solutions to the challenge of climate change and energy security.

Best Practices - Politics and Administration


In 2008, the German Government launched the Transatlantic Climate Bridge to identify specific opportunities for future cooperation between European and US policy makers.

Best Practices in Research


The Transatlantic Climate Bridge helps to facilitate practical exchanges on technological innovations and common standards, and brings about innovative partnerships such as the MIT/Fraunhofer Institute Joint Center for Sustainable Energy.


By using the channels opened up by the Transatlantic Climate Bridge, German industry and businesses can offer their expertise and insights with US policy makers and make a positive contribution to the US climate debate.

Best Practices- Society (c Colourbox)


The Transatlantic Climate Bridge is designed to connect and support all those who seek to make a difference. By working together and learning from each other we can make our homes more energy efficient and our lifestyles greener.