Players and Partners in External Economic Promotion

Three Pillars in External Economic Promotion

The creativity, dynamism and efficiency of Germany's economy have led it into the premier league of leading industrialized nations. Attractiveness for foreign investors is crucial in this, for their investments create or preserve jobs and help further develop technology. Therefore, Germany's system of external economic promotion is supported by Government and business alike. The three main pillars are:

- Embassy and Consulates General

- German Chambers of Commerce Abroad

- German Office for Foreign Trade

German Missions in the US

Embassy and Consulates General

The most important task of the global network of more than 210 embassies and consulates-general is to represent German interests in the host country, also in the economic sphere. In the United States, there are nine German missions: the German Embassy in Washington, DC, as well as eight Consulates General in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York (use our consulate finder in order to find out which one can assist you with your concerns).

Promoting trade in both directions is a priority task for all of them. US companies can approach the foreign missions directly with a request for assistance. There is always at least one contact person for external trade issues.

Consulate Finder

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German Chambers of Commerce Abroad

Chambers of Commerce Abroad are voluntary groupings of companies from Germany and a partner country based in the latter. Chambers of Commerce Abroad are establishments recognized by the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK). They work to represent the interests of businesses in the two countries and promote trade in both directions.

The German American Chambers of Commerce (AHK-USA) is one of the largest bilateral trade organizations worldwide. With 2,000 member companies and office locations in Atlanta, Chicago and New York as well as branch offices in Houston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, the members and clients of AHK-USA benefit from a nation-wide service network. Browse the AHK-USA website to learn more about their services.

AHK-USA Website

Germany Trade & Invest

Germany Trade & Invest is the foreign trade and inward investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany Trade and Invest’s mission is to promote Germany as a location for industrial and technological investments and to identify investors for the German market.

Germany Trade & Invest

Players and Partners

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