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If you have interest in working in Germany, there is a new place designed to answer any inquiry you might have. That place is a website called “Make it in Germany,” which combines all the relevant information for how to structure a career and a life in Germany in one place. (Please see link to the right).

But “Make it in Germany” entails more than technical information on how to work – “it is the expression of a whole 'culture of welcome'” that eases integration and even provides tips from those international workers in Germany who have already had experience working there.

Qualified Professionals Initiative

Street Vendors Enlarge image (© picture alliance/KEYSTONE) Even setting records with the size of its labor force, currently over 41 million, Germany still contains large sectors that are facing a dearth of qualified talent to fill their open jobs. By 2025, pure demography could account for a shortfall eclipsing 6 million workers.

It is already getting easier to fill these holes, though, because Germany now recognizes and accepts foreign-earned qualifications required for a gamut of professions, which were previously reserved only for those who acquired their education or training in Germany. In addition to this, the “EU Blue Card,” which will take effect August 1, 2012, loosens immigration policy. Taken together, the way to Germany and the path to gainful employment have both been facilitated.

Beyond the technical steps being launched to bring workers to work in Germany, these workers, their future employers and the public at large needs to know how to take advantage of all Germany's opportunities. To do this, the German government rolled out the “Qualified Professionals Initiative,” a joint project from the ministries of economics and technology, of labor and of social affairs. Essentially a project to get the word out there, the initiative aims to share advice and provide support for all the stakeholders concerned in addressing the shortage of skilled workers.

Part of said initiative, the “Welcome to Germany Portal” represents the outside view into all the technical aspects that you'll need to know if you decide that you'd like to take your talents to work in Germany. Think of it as a multilingual, user-centric map to working in Germany that will guide you to a job you might just love.

Make it in Germany


Make it in Germany

Make It In Germany

Follow this link to learn how to become successful in Germany – and why it pays to do so.

German Business Portal

German Business Portal

The German Business Portal supports your business with Germany. It offers answers to all trade-related questions and concerns and facilitates cross-border trade in the field of goods and services – from work permits to customs duty. All information is provided in English.