Youth for Understanding (YFU)

YFU is one of the world's oldest, largest, and most respected international educational exchange programs. The organization's roots go back to an initiative proposed to church leaders in Michigan to bring German teenagers to the United States to live with a family and attend high school for a year in an effort to heal the wounds of World War II. In July 1951, 75 German teenagers arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan and were hosted by volunteer US families. Thus began YFU.

Since 1951, YFU organizations around the world have exchanged close to 250,000 students. In one year alone, approximately 4,000 students will participate in YFU programs worldwide. Through the exchange experience, YFU students gain skills and perspectives necessary to meet the challenges of and benefit from the opportunities the fast-changing global community has to offer.

Youth For Understanding is a worldwide movement of committed individuals and organizations working together to prepare young people for their responsibilities and challenges in a changing, interdependent global community. YFU's national organizations share a common mission and vision for the future.

German Federal Youth Council (DBJR)

In Germany, millions of children and young people are united and active in youth organizations. These are spaces for children and young people to experience solidarity, learn, spend their free time and become active.

The German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) represents youth organizations and their interests at the national level. The member organizations of the DBJR represent a broad spectrum of young people’s interests, ranging from religious, ecological and cultural organizations to young workers’ organizations, humanitarian organizations, scouts and young immigrants’ organizations. As an association of youth organizations and regional youth councils in Germany, the DBJR provides a strong network.

Within the DBJR, the German National Committee for International Youth Work (DNK) represents the German youth organizations in multilateral contexts. DNK builds bridges between German organizations and international counterparts or umbrella organizations. DNK functions as the gateway for the "import and export" of youth work.


Jugendliche in Deutschland