Exchange and Networking

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Young Professionals

Professional experience gained in Germany gives you special skills and know-how. More than resume-builders, however, these programs allow you to develop international contacts and friendships that will serve you well throughout life. Each program is unique, so take the time to find the one that best suits your interests, be it in journalism, business, or politics.

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Scientific and Academic

Even if "Naturwissenschaften" rolls less easily off the tongue than "science," Germany's status as a land of world-class scientific research is undisputed. There are several programs for US scientists to conduct research in Germany; so if you would like to add to the store of human knowledge in the land of Röntgen, Hertz and Ohm, examine Germany's research landscape.

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High School

One's teenage years are a formative period when international exposure can have a positive, lasting impact. For American high school-age students, there are a number of options for gaining an authentic picture of Germany, by attending a German school. Whether for a full year, half year, or just a few weeks, there is sure to be a program for you!

Jugendliche in Deutschland


The early years of life are a time for exploring, new experiences, learning about the world around us, making friendships. The diverse organizations represented by the German Federal Youth Council attest to the engagement of young people in Germany, internationally and domestically. Youth for Understanding is one key organization building international partnerships, and began as an exchange between Germany and the US.

Transatlantic Encounters

German Program for Transatlantic Encounters (Transatlantic Program)

Through the German Program for Transatlantic Encounters, financial support is given to German-American cultural, educational, scientific and business projects seeking to encourage "human encounters."

Exchange and Networking

In German, to "bring two things under a hat" ("zwei Dinge unter einen Hut bringen") means to successfully juggle them.

Alumni Networking

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Just because your exchange program has ended, doesn't mean your connection with new friends and with Germany is over--ganz im Gegenteil (on the contrary)! In addition to commercial social networking sites, there is Alumniportal Deutschland, a fully-featured, professional-and-social networking platform for all alumni of Germany-related programs. Alumni of programs run by organizations including DAAD, Alexander von Humboldt, and CBYX, will also find alumni communities.