Lufthansa Cabin Crew Takes off in Oktoberfest-Themed Attire

Sep 19, 2013

© dpa - Report Enlarge image A Lufthansa flight attendant wears a traditional Bavarian "dirndl." (© dpa - Report) The German airline Lufthansa is bringing Oktoberfest to the skies: cabin crews on select flights will wear traditional German lederhosen and dirndls for the duration of each trip, while air passengers will be treated to a variety of Bavarian delicacies.

This year, the “Oktoberfest crew” will fly between Munich and New York, Chicago and Tokyo, continuing a seasonal Lufthansa tradition that occurred for the first time more than 50 years ago.

“The response from our passengers has been overwhelming. That is why we are taking up the Oktoberfest theme again – on the ground and in the air,” Thomas Klühr, chief financial officer of Lufthansa Airlines, said in a press release.  

Flight attendants will wear specially-designed Bavarian costumers reflecting Lufthansa’s corporate colors of blue, yellow and white. Women will wear the traditional German dirndl dress, while men will each wear a pair of lederhosen, a janker (a classic Bavarian jacket) and a waistcoat.

© dpa Enlarge image The 2012 "Oktoberfest Crew" poses for a photo in front of a Lufthansa airplane. (© dpa) Employees at Munich International Airport will also be allowed to wear their own Bavarian costumes to work for the duration of Oktoberfest, which takes place Sept. 21 – Oct. 6 this year.

Although the Oktoberfest-themed cabin crew will fly a limited number of times, all Business Class passengers on long-distance flights departing from Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf will be offered traditional German food, including Knödel (a type of German dumplings), Tafelspitz (broiled beef) and Landjäger (cold smoked sausage). Lufthansa’s audio options will also feature a station with Bavarian music.

Lufthansa featured its first Oktoberfest-themed cabin crew in 1957: blonde-haired flight attendants were dressed in blue dirndls and brunettes wore pink ones.  In 2005, the German airline decided to reintroduce the idea and turn it into an annual tradition. Ever since, Lufthansa has provided personalized costumes for a 14-person cabin crew during each Oktoberfest. Each year, the airline also changes the flights that its festive crew will be on.

© dpa - International Enlarge image Each year, Lufthansa provides traditional Bavarian costumes for an Oktoberfest-themed cabin crew. (© dpa - International) “The stewardesses in dirndl were a hit last year, particularly in Asia,” Lufthansa spokeswoman Bettina Rittberger told Spiegel Online in 2007, noting that enthusiastic travelers snapped photos of the cabin crew and even sent them fan mail.

This year, the cabin crew entertained passengers on a flight from Munich to New York on Sept. 18, and will also be present on a Sept. 24 flight from Munich to Chicago and a Sept. 30 flight from Munich to Tokyo.



Oktoberfest Cabin Crew

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