Do You Recognize this German Castle?

Apr 4, 2017

German Castle Enlarge image (© The German Embassy has received a request to help a man return old photographs taken from a castle in Germany. In a letter received by the Embassy, the sender said that his father-in-law took the 17 enclosed photographs from a castle that he used as his headquarters during World War II. Decades later, the sender hopes that the Embassy can discover the location of the castle and return the photographs to the rightful owner.

He writes,

"Enclosed are 17 small photographs of what looks like a castle and a village in Germany. I am sending them to you in the hope that you might be able to return them to the family of the original owner.

German Castle Enlarge image (© These photographs were in the possession of my father-in-law. He died April 2016 and my wife (his daughter) and I are now able to return these. My father-in-law fought in World War II and while going through Germany near the end of the war, he used this castle as his headquarters. My wife and I thought he photographed the village and castle himself. However, some years prior to his death, he told us that he actually took the photographs from the castle while using it as his headquarters. The owner of the castle was the one who owned these pictures.

It is our hope that someone at the Embassy can identify where these photographs came from, or at least send them to someone who can, and return them to the family of the rightful owner in Germany.

German Castle Enlarge image (© On behalf of my wife and I, please pass on our apologies for any pain the loss of these photographs have caused.

Thank you for helping us."

If you recognize the location in the photographs, please contact the German Embassy at gicinfo (at)

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany