Thousands Visit the German Embassy for EU Open House

May 16, 2017

Thousands of people visited the German Embassy during the 2017 EU Open House - an annual event at which European embassies open their doors to the public. This year's event featured a range of attractions from slackline performances to honey bee displays and a soccer station.

More than 7,600 people came to the German Embassy, which collaborated with the French Embassy to create a joint program and make it a two-for-one destination.

EU Open House Enlarge image (© / Nicole Glass) As visitors entered Embassy grounds, they found themselves standing beneath a highline where world champion slackliners walked across every hour. The slackline performances were held by members from the German slackline group One Inch Dreams, which put on shows on a one-inch thick slackline that left people gasping in disbelief. One member of the group, Alexander Schulz, has previously broken several world records in slacklining.

While champion slackliners walked across the highline at the Embassy, other members of the slackline group performed tricks on a smaller slackline in the gardens of the Ambassador's Residence. Visitors were able to try the sport themselves on a small slackline close to the ground - an activity that was especially popular among children.

child playing soccer Enlarge image (© / Nicole Glass) Meanwhile at the soccer station, guests attempted to kick a ball into a goal to win a prize. Those who scored were entered into a raffle to win prizes such as an FC Bayern jersey signed by player Phillip Lahm and a German Women's National Soccer Team jersey signed by the whole team.

Both the French and Germans had agriculture booths that shed light on the importance of honey bees in agriculture. These booths featured honeycomb boxes with live bees in them. Other EU Open House attractions included a Claas Forage Harvester (a farm machinery vehicle from Germany), a German military exhibit, an electricity-generating bicycle, a German-style beergarden, a face-painting station and musical performances from German and French singers.

Claas Enlarge image (© / Nicole Glass) German Ambassador Peter Wittig and his children also attended EU Open House and participated in the day's events. The Ambassador met with French Deputy Chief of Mission Nathalie Broadhurst and the two diplomats scored goals at the soccer station, walked up onto the Claas farming vehicle and watched a slackline performances. German DCM Boris Ruge also participated in the events throughout the day, mingling with guests as they arrived.

Enlarge image All 28 EU embassies participated in this year's EU Open House. The joint French-German events alone had enough activities to keep guests occupied for several hours if they wished. Despite the colder temperatures, thousands of guests visited the German Embassy for another fun-filled EU Open House. With painted faces and bags filled with chocolate and gummy bears, visitors left the German Embassy with smiling faces.

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By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

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