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Every Friday, Germany.info and The Week in Germany highlight a different "Word of the Week" in the German language that may serve to surprise, delight or just plain perplex native English speakers.

Word of the Week: Affenhitze

Jul 25, 2014 | Germany.info

A sweltering heat hung over Germany last week, forcing many people to stay indoors or head over to a pool. With temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, many Germans were complaining about the so-called Affenhitze.

Word of the Week: Geisterfahrer

Jul 18, 2014 | Germany.info

Driving on the wrong side of the road is dangerous, and can even be deadly. In German, drivers who are going in the wrong direction are called Geisterfahrer, which means "ghost drivers."

Word of the Week: Turniermannschaft

Jul 11, 2014 | Germany.info

The German soccer team has long held a reputation as one of the best in the world. As a result, Germans call their team a Turniermannschaft, which means "tournament team."

Word of the Week: Honigkuchenpferd

Jul 2, 2014 | Germany.info

If you've got a big dorky grin across your face, a German might tell you that you're grinning like a Honigkuchenpferd - a "honey-cake-horse." Basically, a horse-shaped honey cake. But why the strange comparison?

Word of the Week: Abseitsfalle

Jun 27, 2014 | Germany.info

The World Cup quarter finals are less than a week away! With soccer tournaments this big, some teams are willing to do anything to win. Let's take a look at one type of soccer tactic that might prevent someone from scoring - the so-called Abseitsfalle.

Word of the Week

Word of the Week

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