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Every Friday, Germany.info and The Week in Germany highlight a different "Word of the Week" in the German language that may serve to surprise, delight or just plain perplex native English speakers.

Word of the Week: Fallrückzieher

Jun 24, 2016 | Germany.info

As the 2016 European Championship continues, let's take a look at another German soccer word that may come in handy if you're watching the games in German: Fallrückzieher.

Word of the Week: Zuckerpass

Jun 17, 2016 | Germany.info

The term Zuckerpass means "sugar pass" and it refers to a move in soccer that's as sweet as sugar! A "sugar pass" is a skillfully executed pass from one player to another - a pass that is very smooth, calculated or creative.

Word of the Week: Schwalbenkönig

Jun 10, 2016 | Germany.info

To get you ready for the European Championship, we will clue you in on some German soccer terminology. First up: Schwalbenkönig - a player who repeatedly and purposefully dives to the ground in an attempt to obtain a penalty or a free kick.

Word of the Week: Hitzkopf

Jun 3, 2016 | Germany.info

It may be hot outside, but the word Hitzkopf has little to do with outside temperature. Instead, it refers to a person whose blood may be boiling a little bit too often - someone who's angry all the time.

Word of the Week: Riechkolben

May 27, 2016 | Germany.info

Do you know someone who has a nose like Pinocchio? Or maybe a nose that reminds you of Rudolph? Germans would call such noses a Riechkolben!

Word of the Week

Word of the Week

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