Word of the Year: Stresstest

Dec 30, 2011

Germany's official language society has selected "Stresstest" as the Word of the Year.

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Since 1972, an annual "Word of the Year" has been selected and showcased by the Gesellschaft für Deutsche Sprache (GfdS), or German Language Society, to reflect public debate and current affairs over the course of the previous year.

"Stresstest" is an expression used by European officials to test the financial strengths of banks.

A "Top Ten" list is also produced every year of other words that almost made it as the word - or, in some instances, expression - of the year.

Previous words of the year include "Wutbürger" (enraged citizen) in 2010, "Abwrackprämie" (wreck premium) in 2009, a reference to a government premium for scrapping old cars, and "Finanzkrise" (financial crisis) in 2008.

Wort des Jahres
Word of the Year
= "stress test" - An expression used by European officials to test the financial strength of banks.
= "to leverage" - A term used to describe efforts to increase the size of the European rescue fund.
= A reference to the pro-democracy rebellions which have swept the Arab world this year.
= A reference to the close working relationship between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
= The name of this Japanese city, and the nuclear crisis that befell it, has become a linguistic symbol for Germany's nuclear energy policy shift.
= This expression has been on the rise in Germany, according to the GfdS.
= The expression "to guttenberg" something means to plagiarize or illegally copy something, mostly from the Internet, in a clear reference to former German Defense Minister's Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg's infamous plagiarism in his PhD thesis.
= "killer sprouts" - A reference to the May 2011 EHEC (a strain of E.coli bacteria) outbreak in Germany that was traced back to fenugreek seeds imported from Egypt.
Ab jetzt wird geliefert!
= "from now on we deliver" - A phrase popularized by German Vice-Chancellor and Economics Minister Philipp Rösler, who was elected as the new leader of the FDP (Free Democratic Party) in Germany.
Wir sind die 99%
= "We are the 99 percent!" = The Occupy Wall Street protest movement slogan that has spread from the US around the world.

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