Ambassador Ammon Visits German-American Friendship Garden After Restoration

Nov 14, 2013

Ambassador Ammon at the German-American Friendship Garden Enlarge image Ambassador Ammon meets with Superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks Bob Vogel and Oehme van Sweden CEO Lisa Delplace. Also pictured: Members of Project Evergreen and GIC Director Rüdiger Bohn. (© / Nicole Glass)

German Ambassador Peter Ammon joined Superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks Bob Vogel on November 14 for the planting of the newly restored German-American Friendship Garden, which has a central location between the White House and the Washington Monument.

Ambassador Ammon Enlarge image Ambassador Ammon visits the German-American Friendship Garden during its restoration. (© / Nicole Glass)

The Ambassador visited the garden to see the 2,000 new plants, trees and shrubs that were installed at the symbolic memorial this week as part of its restoration process. The Ambassador also used the occasion to thank members of Project Evergreen and Oehme van Sweden Landscape Architects for their help in designing and planting the new garden before the end of the season.

The garden's restoration marks the 30th anniversary of its commissioning and the 25th anniversary of its dedication. It now has a new irrigation system, reshaped plants and a variety of new bushes and flowers that will blossom in the spring.


Ambassador Visits Friendship Garden