Professor Bodo Reinisch Receives Officer's Cross of the Federal Order of Merit

Jul 9, 2012

Order of Merit for Bodo Reinisch Enlarge image The group that helped found and run the German International School Boston celebrate with their mentor (Peter Frick, Friedrich von Krusenstiern, Christian Nitzschke, Friedrich Löhr, Dr. Silvia Beier, Professor Bodo Reinisch, and Ernst-Richard Matthiensen, l-r) (© On Thursday, June 28, 2012 in Boston, Consul General Friedrich Löhr decorated Professor Bodo W. Reinisch with the Officer's Cross of the Federal Order of Merit. Among other congratulators, Consul General Löhr addressed Professor Reinisch’s family, friends, and colleagues, before presenting Professor Reinisch with the decoration. In his speech, Mr. Löhr honored Professor Reinisch’s leadership, first in the German Saturday School Boston, then in founding and presiding over the German International School Boston during the last two decades, and tremendous achievements in international cooperative research.

Order of Merit for Bodo Reinisch Enlarge image Christian Nitzschke, Head of the German International School Boston, congratulates Professor Reinisch, as Dr. Silvia Beier, Gerda Reinisch, Professor Paul Song, (Director, Professor of Physics & Atmospheric Science at UMass Lowell), Ms. Gracia McGovern, Ms. Ulrike Reinisch and Ms. Stephanie Matthiensen watch on (© As President and CEO of Lowell Digisonde International (LDI), President of the German International School Boston, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Professor Reinisch has made significant contributions to the world of physics and international education. He has spearheaded several research and development projects,  produced more than 250 publications in peer-reviewed journals/books, and represented LDI on both a national and international platform. Among numerous other awards, Mr. Reinisch won the prestigious Appleton Prize in 2011 for “outstanding contributions to studies in ionospheric physics.”

 Currently, Professor Reinisch and his team of scientists and engineers at LDI devote much of their efforts to research and development of advanced HF radar systems for the exploration of geospace plasma from ground and satellites, as well as new scientific instrumentation.