Remembrance and Hope - A Journey of Boston Rabbis to Germany

Jul 21, 2016

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From July 10-17, 2016 CG Horlemann took 12 Boston Rabbis on a trip to Munich and Berlin to see and hear for themselves about the culture of remembrance as well as Jewish life in Germany.

The visit aimed to build a bridge between remembrance of the past and hope for a common future. The group visited major memorial sites like the Dachau Concentration Camp and the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, but could also witness how the culture of remembrance is deeply rooted in the everyday life of Germans, like “Stolpersteine”(stumbling stones), which can be found in over 1,100 places in Germany. 

The Rabbis could also see how the life of over 200,000 Jews in Germany, among them around 50,000 from Israel, has been thriving in recent years. They also had an opportunity to speak to Syrian refugees in Berlin and discuss the challenges of migration and integration that Germany is facing.

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