A Civilian Resistance Group Is Remembered In Iowa

Feb 28, 2012

White Rose reader’s theater play Enlarge image White Rose reader’s theater play (© GAHC) Residents of the Quad Cities (Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa; Rock Island and Moline, Illinois) had the opportunity to learn first-hand about one group’s struggle against the Nazi regime. The White Rose Exhibit, on a national tour from the White Rose Foundation in Munich, Germany, made a stop at the German American Heritage Center in Davenport, Iowa from January 8 through February 26, 2012. The opening ceremony of the exhibit drew 160 people, including the mayor of Davenport and a city councilwoman. In all, 469 people visited the German American Heritage Center during the month of January 2012 compared with just 211 visitors in 2011.

White Rose reader’s theater play Enlarge image White Rose reader’s theater play (© GAHC) The White Rose Exhibit also included showings of the films “The White Rose” and “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days”. Over 450 people attended the films with a final showing of the “White Rose” scheduled for February 25, 2012. The exhibit culminated in two performances of the reader’s theater play “The White Rose: A True Story of Freedom in Nazi Germany” written by Josephine Cripps. 30 people made up the cast and crew for the play and 170 people attended the performances.  

White Rose Memorial Enlarge image White Rose Memorial (© *) Hans and Sophie Scholl and their friends lost their lives fighting against Nazi tyranny. Their movement, a civilian resistance group formed by university students in Munich, Germany in 1941-1942, was named the “White Rose”. They are perhaps most known for distributing a series of anonymous leaflets which called for the active opposition of the German people to Nazi oppression and tyranny. Most of the group members, including the siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, were captured by the Gestapo and executed.

The exhibition was co-sponsored by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chicago.

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White Rose

German American Heritage Center Davenport, IA

Pictures of the White Rose Exhibit

Historic Responsibility

Historic Responsibility

Germany is profoundly aware of the historic responsibility it bears toward the Jewish community and toward the State of Israel as a result of the crimes of the Nazi regime. This responsibility, a cornerstone of German policy, requires remembrance, reconciliation and ongoing vigilance - now and in the future.