Work and Live in Germany - The Qualified Professionals Initiative

Nov 6, 2012

Experts for Germany Enlarge image (© Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

“Make it in Germany” shows qualified professionals from other countries the way to Germany – and what makes it worthwhile to live and work here. For the first time, the portal bundles together all the key information about making a career and living in Germany. It tells you which sectors are in search of qualified professionals and what the terms and conditions are of being able to take up employment in Germany.

In actual fact, “Make it in Germany” is more than just an information portal – it is the expression of a whole “culture of welcome”. It draws a portrait of contemporary Germany and provides practical advice on successful integration. International qualified professionals who have already embarked on a successful career in Germany recount their own personal experiences.

Trends on the German labour market are looking good. The number of employed, at over 41 million, has never been higher. Yet at the same time, some sectors and regions are already lacking qualified professionals. If nothing is done, by 2025 demographic changes will have created a shortfall of more than 6 million workers.

Politicians, management, labour and businesses are all unanimous that the lack of qualified professionals is going to present a crucial challenge in the years ahead. This is why the Federal Government has made the quest to secure qualified professionals a key policy issue, and in June 2011 submitted its concept for achieving this. To encourage more qualified professionals from abroad to come to Germany, the government has eased the immigration rules. It has also made it easier to get professional qualifications that were obtained abroad recognised. The “EU Blue Card", which allows for more flexible immigration opportunities has come into effect on August 1, 2012.

Accompanying the government’s concept is a Qualified Professionals Initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Federal Employment Agency. This initiative is aimed at providing information and raising awareness among the general public, businesses and qualified professionals of the causes and impact of this shortage of skilled workers. It bundles advice and support from the different partners and shows how existing and hitherto neglected potential in Germany and beyond its borders can be recognised and used.

The “Welcome to Germany Portal” is part of this Qualified Professionals Initiative. It complements the measures being taken inside Germany by providing a multilingual Internet portal for international skilled workers. Because today, one thing is already certain: the workforce that we currently have is not enough to secure the medium and long-term needs for qualified professionals. Germany also needs highly trained professionals from abroad to cover demand on the German labour market.

We cordially invite you to shape your future in Germany, at the heart of Europe. Come and be part of the “Make it in Germany” story – we look forward to seeing you!

Make it in Germany