Dr. Annegret Groebel from the Federal Network Agency in Bonn speaks during 2 workshops on Renewable Energy

Jan 24, 2017

Lecture trip Dr. Groebel Enlarge image (© FIU) Dr. Annegret Groebel, Federal Network Agency in Bonn, spoke at 2 workshops on 'Renewable Energy' giving valuable insights on the "Energiewende" - German Energy Transition. The events were both organized by the Miami-Florida Jean Monnet European Union Center of Excellence.

  Visit Dr. Groebel Enlarge image (© FIU)

Consul General Annette Klein gave a a reception at her residence in honor of Ms. Groebel's visit.

Visit Dr. Groebel Enlarge image Dr. Annegret Groebel, Consul General Annette Klein (© Germany.info/Miami)

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Renewable Energy

View from Waterfront / Blick auf Konsulat von der Wasserseite aus