From Bavaria to Midtown: InterHarmony International Music Festival at the German House

May 7, 2012

For serious and- seriously talented- musicians, whether completing their fifth professional recording or the fifth grade, there is a unique music festival held every summer where they can expand and develop their artistry alongside fellow musicians. Founded by cellist Misha Quint, the InterHarmony International Music Festival, consisting of two two-week sessions in Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy and one in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany, brings together promising young talent with acclaimed international faculty for private instruction, master classes, and concert performance. "There's no red tape. We go straight to the music," Quint says.

On May 3, InterHarmony brought a sampling to New York, where they performed an eclectic program at the German House, including a Gershwin piece transcribed by a German composer- for cello. Asked how he manages to pull together the grade-schoolers and the Juilliard graduates for a concert, Quint says, there are pieces for everyone, if the talent is there at a young age. "If they're good, they're good," he says.

Quint's background as a successful, prize-winning cellist growing up in St. Petersburg before immigrating to the United States in 1989 has made him especially adept at spotting young talent and challenging students to hone their skills in the conducive environment provided by InterHarmony. He has created a colorful and innovative way of supporting musical excellence internationally with InterHarmony, from the concert halls of Bavaria to the hills of Tuscany, and now all the way to Midtown Manhattan.

InterHarmony has grown over the past 20 years since its first run in Holland, expanding into Germany and, most recently, Italy, integrating itself into the daily life of the small towns where the two-week festivals take place. In fact, Quint organized the Sulzbach-Rosenberg location after a chance meeting with the wife of its former mayor at an event in New York. Now, InterHarmony is one of the Bavarian town's most central events, attracting 700 people to the concert hall for its performance last year. "They really look forward to it every year, and so do we," says Quint. "I really feel at home there [In Sulzbach-Rosenberg]." But the reach of InterHarmony doesn't stop there. In 2013 he will play a series of InterHarmony showcases at Carnegie Hall with select members.

For more information on the InterHarmony International Music Festival and to apply for a spot in this year's festival, see official website.