900 High School German Students Attend McDaniel College’s 22nd German-American Day

Oct 20, 2016

Deutsch rockt! McDaniel College's 22nd German-American Day, Oct. 18, 2016 Enlarge image Deutsch rockt! McDaniel College's 22nd German-American Day, Oct. 18, 2016 (© Germany.info / Jan Eckendorf) It’s WORTH learning German, whether you’re interested in international relations, want to boost your career options, or experience the thrill of studying or working in Germany, just to name a few reasons.

This was the message more than 900 high school German students from Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania heard at McDaniel College’s 22nd annual German-American Day, held on the campus outside Baltimore on October 18, 2016.

From morning to mid-afternoon, students engaged in workshops ranging from “Lord of the Rings. Richard Wagner und Ring der Nibelungen” to “German Music from the Minnesängers to SEED” to “Make Your Own Marzipan”. Students also had the chance to hear Holocaust survivor Rubin Sztajer tell his moving story, and learn about the darkest chapter in German history.

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Later, following a hearty meal of German delicacies, Jan Eckendorf of the German Embassy gave his personal take on the value in gaining proficiency in German.

Citing the increasing global interest in Germany in recent years, Eckendorf said, “for you, and for anyone who decides on a degree or a career related to Germany, or to learn German, there’s a whole new range of fields in which to make an impact, to work on cutting-edge issues, and to become an expert that is being sought by future employers.”

“So I can only strongly encourage you to pursue an education, a college degree with German or with Germany!  It’ll be worth it!” he said.

A fittingly festive conclusion to the 2016 German-American Day was provided by the Spotsylvania Alpentänzer in their performance of traditional German folk dances.

By Jacob Comenetz, Cultural Affairs Officer, German Embassy Washington

© Germany.info

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