Renewable Energy Consumption Breaks Records

Mar 26, 2014

Solar mirrors Enlarge image Concentrated power (© dpa/pa) The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy reported this week that 2013 was a record breaking year for renewable energy consumption in Germany. According to a summary compiled by AGEE-Stat, a renewable energy statistic company, the renewable energy consumption in 2013 accounted for 25.4 percent of total energy consumption for the year. This is almost two percent greater than in the previous year. The total energy produced by solar, wind, water and biomass energy sources reached 152.6 billon kilowatt-hours, a new record.

Solar Energy in Germany

Solar energy implementation has been extremely successful in Germany over the past decade. Solar farms in the south broke records in 2013 for energy production and have continued to produce high levels over the winter. In the most recent edition of the Photovoltaic Grid Parity Monitor, a study that determines the marketability and competitiveness of solar energy in markets across Europe, the Germany solar energy market scored among the most profitable in Europe. In Germany, solar energy is no longer luxury item; in fact, the latest edition of the study noted that the cost of solar energy and other energy sources are about equal. Of the countries surveyed, Germany, Italy, and Mexico had the best economic situation and infrastructure for solar energy.


Renewable Energy

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Protecting climate and environment

Climate protection, promotion of renewable energy sources and protection of the environment are major focal points of German Government policy. These policies have also become a driving force for German businesses, which are already at the forefront of innovation and job creation in the field.