New Passports Include State of the Art Security Features

Feb 28, 2017

New passport Enlarge image New passport (© BMI) Beginning March 1, Germany will begin issuing new passports with even more security features, including secure paper with watermarks and other features that become visible under UV light. The new passports also have a flexible cover and are slightly smaller. The new security features make counterfeiting and misuse more difficult. 

"In worldwide travel, a high degree of security is indispensable, so I attach great importance to the fact that the new German passport generation uses the most modern materials and state-of-the-art security features," Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said in Berlin on February 23. 

Important note: current passports remain valid through their expiration date!

Neuer Reisepass vorgestellt

Neue elektronische Reisepässe

Am 1. März 2017 wurde die neue Generation elektronischer Reisepässe für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland eingeführt.