"We stand with the British at This Time"

May 23, 2017

Brandenburg Gate illuminated in colors of the Union Jack Enlarge image Brandenburg Gate illuminated in colors of the Union Jack on the night of May 22, 2017 (© picture alliance / Eventpress) The German government was horrified by the news of the deadly suicide attack following a concert in Manchester on Monday night. At the start of her address at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue on May 23 Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "It is incomprehensible that anybody could use a carefree pop concert to kill and maim so many people." She expressed her deepest sympathy for all victims, and for their families and loved ones in their sorrow and despair.

The Chancellor pointed out, "This suspected terrorist attack will only strengthen our resolve to continue to take joint action with our British friends against those who plan and carry out inhuman acts like this." She assured the people of the United Kingdom, "Germany stands shoulder to shoulder with you."

Foreign Minister Gabriel also expressed his shock, issuing a statement:

"This is dreadful news coming from Manchester and a perfidious logic that targets first and foremost teenagers, children and young adults at a pop concert.

"This attack hits all mothers and fathers in Europe right in the heart. What is important now is to investigate the background to the attack without delay.

"But even now it is clear that terrorism remains terrorism, no matter what the motivation behind it. We stand with the British at this time and our thoughts are with the victims, their families and their friends."

© Federal Foreign Office