Merkel: Marshall Plan a Stroke of Good Fortune in Our History

Jun 22, 2017

Henry Kissinger and Chancellor Merkel in Berlin Enlarge image In Berlin, Henry Kissinger said that the Marshall Plan was the foundation of today's global economy. (© Bundesregierung/Steins )

The Marshall Plan for Europe after World War II was a stroke of good fortune for German history and is firmly embedded in Germans' memories, Chancellor Angela Merkel said June 21 at an event hosted by the The German Marshall Fund of the United States in Berlin. The conference, at which former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was also a main speaker, celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan.

The foundation of joint values the plan was based on are still today the key to the successful transatlantic partnership, Merkel said.

"It was a plan that aimed to bring about lasting peace and prosperity," Merkel said. The Marshall Plan, she said, turning to Henry Kissinger, was thus firmly anchored in the national memory of the German people as "a stroke of great good fortune in our history."In gratitude for America's commitment to peace and partnership with Europe, Germany founded the the German Marshall Fund of the United States 45 years ago to foster transatlantic exchange and understanding.