Foreign Ministers of France and Germany Issue Joint Statement on Stabilization of Mosul

Jul 11, 2017

Mosul, Iraq Enlarge image Iraqi civilians walk towards safe areas in the Old City of Mosul, Iraq, on July 10, 2017. (© picture alliance /

For France and Germany the liberation of Mosul is a source of hope for a united, democratic and secure Iraq, French and German Foreign Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian and Sigmar Gabriel said in a joint statement on July 11. The defeat of IS in Mosul offers the unique opportunity to reconstruct the country and to work toward a national reconciliation.

They praised the work of Iraq’s agencies, fighters and people and also congratulated the United Nations on their successful handling of an extremely difficult situation. They said their thoughts were with the victims who were subjected to the unspeakable horror of the IS.

Iraq faces immense challenges, and the international community must continue to its commitment to strongly supporting the country, the foreign ministers said. France and Germany will continue their efforts and help the Iraqi government do what is urgently necessary in terms of mine clearing and reestablishment of basic services in order to foster the voluntary and permanent return of Iraqi refugees under the best possible security conditions.

The victory over IS also requires the full engagement of the Iraqi agencies with the support of their allies on the way to stabilization, reconstruction, reconciliation, and implementation of an inclusive government leadership under the respect for a federal constitution. With these prerequisites, the foreign ministers said, the victory will be a lasting one.