Team Germany Places 5th in First Global Robotics Challenge

Jul 19, 2017

Team Germany at First Global robotics challenge in Washington, DC Enlarge image Team Germany at First Global robotics challenge in Washington, DC (© A team of eleventh-graders from Stuttgart and their robot, "Werner," placed 5th out of 162 teams from all over the world at the First Global robotics challenge. The team of six and their teacher from the Königin Katharina Stift high school have been together for two years and are already experienced at international competitions in the US and Europe. Some of the team members have been working together since the fifth grade.

"It's a different kind of challenge and it's part of working in a group together, which is different from other kinds of science projects," said team spokesperson Kira. "And building things is fun!" 

Team Germany and robot "Werner" in competition Enlarge image Team Germany and robot "Werner" in competition (© Team Germany) The theme of the challenge was providing access to clean water. All teams received the same robot kit and guidelines and had to build and program their robot to complete specific tasks: collecting and sorting colored balls, representing contaminated particles, while navigating the terrain in the challenge ring. Teams competed individually and in coalitions.

After their competitions on the final day at Constitution Hall on July 18, the students from Germany and other countries were busy sharing snacks they brought from their home countries, taking selfies with teams from other countries and collecting signatures on t-shirts and beach ball "globes."

The "Olympic" spirit of the competition is special, says team member Alexis. "You're not here to win. You're here to learn and to participate, and that's what First Global is."

First Global was founded by American inventor Dean Kamen, best known for inventing the Segway, with the goal of inspiring young people's interest in STEM fields.


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