Hurricane Irma: Federal Government Sends Crisis Support Team to Region

Sep 12, 2017

Crisis Support Team Arrives in USA Enlarge image The Crisis Support Team met near Washington, D.C., before traveling on to Atlanta. (© A Federal Government crisis response team has arrived in the United States to help Germans and Europeans in need of emergency assistance after Hurricane Irma. The team of 31 members is comprised of civilian and military staff from the Federal Foreign Office, the German Bundeswehr, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief and the Crisis Intervention Team.

Up to 200,000 German citizens are currently in Florida, and others are in the Caribbean islands. “The German Government is making every possible effort to get an overview of the situation of German citizens in those areas,” a Foreign Office Spokesperson said on September 12. “Our Government is ready to provide emergency assistance to people in the region and to help them repair the damage.”

The Crisis Response Center in the Federal Foreign Office has been active around the clock since Saturday, and a regional crisis center has been established in Atlanta to coordinate aid efforts. The crisis response team, which made a quick stop in Washington on September 12, will support the German Consulate General in Atlanta to provide rapid consular assistance to German citizens in the region.

  • Requests for assistance can be made to the German Embassy in Washington, DC, by calling +1-202-298-4000.

Bundeswehr plane Enlarge image A transport plane such as this one is bringing aid supplies to Curaçao. (© dpa) German citizens have been affected by the hurricane in the Caribbean, as well. Some of these are on Sint-Maarten/Saint Martin. They will be evacuated over the next two days. At the same time, a Bundeswehr A400M cargo plane has taken off for Curaçao, where it will deliver aid supplies.

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