Olympic Uniforms Through the Years

2014 Olympic Uniforms Enlarge image Led by freeskier Benedikt Mayr (R) and speed skater Monique Angermüller (L), Olympic athletes present the uniform for the 2014 German Olympic and Paralympic team. (© picture alliance / dpa) The Olympic Games is perhaps the most anticipated and well recognized sporting event in the world. Over 200 nations and thousands of athletes take part every two years for the summer and winter games. Billions of television viewers tune in throughout the month-long competition to judge the athletes, the opening ceremonies, and, yes, even the uniforms. Once conservative, professional outfits, the Olympic uniform style has evolved much over the course of the century-long history of the games. One thing is certain, however: viewers certainly keep track of the best – and worst – uniforms every year.

In honor of the announcement of the latest German uniform designs, here is a look back at the German Olympic outfits over the decades, as well as the first look at the 2014 Sochi Olympic uniform. Which do you like the best?

2014 Olympic Games

Thomas Bach Elected IOC President

Bach and Rogge

The torch has been passed for the International Olympic Committee President, and German candidate Thomas Bach with take the helm. His presidency will last eight years and two Olympic cycles.

Germany – Land of Sport: Facts and Figures

Germany offers an extensive network of bike lanes and paths. © picture-alliance/ dpa

Did you know Germany ranks number one in foosball, has the largest sport university in the world, and is home to more than 70 million bicycles?