Liberty Train –The Journey of Christian Bürger

"Liberty Train" Enlarge image "Liberty Train" (© 30 September 1989: Over 4,000 people squeeze into the gardens of the West German Embassy in Prague. The West German Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher addresses them: “We’re here today to tell you that today your emigration …The rest of his words were drowned out by the shouts of joy. That same evening, the first train was to head from Prague for West Germany, albeit via a dangerous detour through East Germany.

“Bürger’s Long Triptells the story of East German refugee Christian Bürger, whose life was changed forever by the time he spent in the embassy and the dramatic train ride. The multi-media project is coming out to coincide with the docu-dramaLiberty Train, which will be broadcast on 30 September at 8:15 p.m. on the Arte TV channel and on 3 October at 6.30 p.m. on ARD.

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Liberty Train

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