Germany for Kids: Meet Philipp!

© German Information Center USA Enlarge image (© German Information Center USA) Hi! I'm Philipp and welcome to "Germany for Kids!" I'm 11 years old and live in Nuremberg with my older sister, Katja, and our parents. "Germany for Kids" is where I get to tell you all about my life as a kid in Germany. You can learn about my country, my school, my hobbies and what life is like here in Germany. Everything you need to know about Germany for your school projects, country reports and internationals days can found right here on "Germany for Kids." Let's go!

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Cool Cities & the Berlin Wall

Want to find out about German cities? Where are some of the most important cities in Germany? What about the big attractions in Germany? When people visit Germany, where do they like to go? I can also tell you about the Berlin Wall.

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Food, Music & Fun

Want to know what kind of food I eat in Germany? How about what clothes I wear or what I watch on television? I can also tell you about my music, sports and all of the other really fun stuff I do!

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School Stuff

Ever wonder what school is like in Germany? 

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European Union

Germany is part of the European Union. What does this mean? How does the EU work and what makes it important? What did Germany use before the Euro? I can tell you this and more about the European Union.


Coloring Book

"Get to Know Germany" is a coloring book with all sorts of pictures from Germany. There is even a picture of me! You can look at all the different pictures and download the entire coloring book for free here. Have fun!


Meet Philipp!

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Meet Katja and Learn More About Germany!

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Katja is Philipp's older sister and the star "Germany for Teens," where she can tell you all about life in Germany. From her hometown to hobbies and beyond, Katja is ready to be your guide to Germany!