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Outreach & Campaigns

As the Embassy's center of expertise for public diplomacy, the German Information Center USA reaches out directly to American citizens by sponsoring and organizing special events and campaigns tailored to specific target audiences.

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Our free electronic newsletters deliver news from Germany directly to your inbox in English or German.  From German-American business news to German heritage in America to the best innovations from German scientists, we will keep you up to date.

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Print Publications

From basic facts about Germany’s geography and demographics to colorful brochures for kids, our free informational print publications cover all the basics about Germany.

Germany: Integrating Immigrants

Germany: Integrating Refugees

Germany is a country shaped by immigration. Between 1950 and 2014, 44 million migrants came to Germany. During the same period, 32 million people emigrated from Germany. Migrants make up a slightly bigger share of the population in Germany than in the United States. As a result, integration is an important topic in Germany.

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