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Our staff has narrowed down this year's Word of the Week entries to find the top 5! But now we need your help! Vote for your favorite Word of the Week to help us choose our Word of the Year! By voting, you will be entered to win a prize box from the German Embassy in Washington!

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Word of the Week: Holzklasse

Are you on a budget, but love to travel? Most likely you will be booking the Holzklasse whereever you go!


Word of the Week: Naschkatze

Do you crave ice cream, chocolate, cookies and anything with sugar? Do you have an overpowering sweet tooth that leaves you fantasizing about dessert? If so, Germans would call you a Naschkatze!


Word of the Week: Warmduscher

What do you call someone who loves comfort, predictability and habitually avoids all risks? In other words - a pansy? A Warmduscher!


Word of the Week: Milchmädchenrechnung

A Milchmädchenrechnung (literally "a milk maid's account") is a naive calculation. In English, we might say it is the result of counting the chickens before they've hatched.


Word of the Week: Tante-Emma-Laden

If you're making dinner and you forgot an ingredient, what do you do? Well, some of you might head over to a grocery store. But depending on where you are, it might be easier to walk to theTante-Emma-...

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