Collaborative Survival by curated Danni Shen with German Artist Jenny Brockmann (June 18 - August 14)

Goldie Poblador, Fertility Flowers, 2021, film still, 2:16

Collaborators: Director of Photography: Sasha Palomares; Creative Direction by Apa Agbayani; Character Design, Hair and Makeup by Slo Lopez; Production Manager: Tony Battung; Edited by Abby Alcanzare; Color Grading by Bianca Francisco; Music composed and performed by Michelle Sui; Mixed and mastered by Zach Rosenberg; Exhibition Design by Hannah Liongoren; AV programming by Alex Hornstein., © Goldieland Studio

10.06.2021 - Article

The artists in this exhibition mine the complex connections between humans and the lifeworlds of plants, revealing social, historical, political, personal, and material histories in the process.

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