The European Conference 2019 at Harvard

European Conference 2019

European Conference 2019, © European Conference 2019


The European Conference at Harvard is North America's largest annual student-run event on European and transatlantic affairs. This year’s edition takes place March 9th-10th, at a crucial time for Europe and the EU.

A student-led conference dedicated to asking what, at this thrilling moment, the “European way” might be

  • This year’s edition - Europe: Dialogue with Dissent - will take place on March 9th and 10th, 2019, at a crucial time for Europe and the European Union.
  • For now more than a decade, Europe has faced a plurality of crises, including a severe economic and financial crisis, the blurring of traditional political lines, negotiating effective migration policy responses, addressing challenges to EU membership and navigating its relationship with a U.S. administration that questions the value of the transatlantic partnership.
  • While there are many reasons to be positive about the changes happening now on the continent, upcoming European elections are expected to showcase growing populism across the continent, and Britain's departure from the European Union will only be weeks away by the time the Conference is held.
  • In recognition of these challenges, this year’s Conference will feature various panels, workshops and negotiations to present a broad spectrum of opinions, engage in constructive discourse and explore the realms of policy, business and society.

Learn more about the Conference and buy tickets here

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