“The Robbers: German Art in a Time of Crisis” Exhibition at the Portland Museum of Art

The Robbers

The Robbers, © Portland Museum of Art


On view now until July 15th: This exhibition of German prints in the years around World War I juxtaposes two portfolios by George Grosz and Lovis Corinth, each based on Friedrich Schiller’s 18th-century play “The Robbers.”

The exhibition, “The Robbers: German Art in a Time of Crisis,” of approximately thirty German prints executed between the World Wars, highlights the complete portfolio of George Grosz’s 1922 The Robbers. Grosz based his lithographic suite on Friedrich Schiller's iconic 1781 play of the same name, yet when Grosz depicted the canonical story he situated the action in the tumultuous climate of early 1920s Berlin. With figures culled from the modern era, Grosz’s imagery suggests the vast social discord where the traumatic effects of the mechanized war, greed, industry, and poverty intersected to undermine national stability in the young Weimar Republic.

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