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Auftakt zum Bauhaus-Jubiläum in Dessau

Auftakt zum Bauhaus-Jubiläum in Dessau, © ZB


Workshops will be held in New England during the month of April within the scope of the project “Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus”, an initiative of the German Design Museum Foundation. A family-friendly event is open to the public at BSA Space Boston on April 27 from 10 -12.

These workshops provide participants an opportunity to acquire new knowledge on a central piece of shared German-American cultural heritage: the Bauhaus. Why are the ideas of the Bauhaus - a legendary school of architecture, design and art - still relevant today? How can we leverage its ideas for our future? Student participants will embark on this exciting journey of discovery in celebration of 100 Years of Bauhaus!

BSA Space is proud to welcome the German Design Museum Foundation and designer Dirk von Manteuffel to BSA Space to lead this workshop with youth. The design workshop combines intercultural content with imagination and creativity as students explore Bauhaus principals in hands-on activities.

This program is designed for youth aged 10 to 18 years old. 25 Spaces available.

For more information and how to register for the event, please visit the BSA Space Website.

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