Fire and Light: Otto Piene in Groton, 1983–2014

Otto Piene 2

Otto Piene 2, © dpa


The Otto Piene exhibit at Fitchburg Art Museum will feature special events in April including a Light Robot performance and panel discussion on April 6 at 1:30pm and a Sky Art Event on April 27 from 11am–3pm.

Otto Piene Fire and Light explores the work of internationally renowned artist, Otto Piene (b. Germany, 1928–2014), focusing on his major threads of production since the mid-1980s when he moved to Groton, MA. Piene’s relentless exploration of light through the elements of fire and air led to groundbreaking achievements in art and technology, as he continued to push the boundaries of visual perception and sensory experience through new media. Fire and Light offers a rare opportunity for visitors to experience Piene’s immersive installations, paintings, and sculptures.

For more information on the exhibit and the special events taking place in April please visit the Fitchburg Art Museum Website.

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