Bowdoin College Museum of Art showing Modernism for All

Bauhaus 6

Bauhaus 6, © dpa-Zentralbild


Bauhaus 100: The Bowdoin College Museum of Art is currently showing “Modernism for All” as part of the Bauhaus centennial celebration.

By juxtaposing works of art and design by Bauhaus masters and their students this exhibition introduces the famous school as a highly successful learning environment.

The Bauhaus, a pioneering German art school, redefined the pedagogy of art and craft, fostered relations between art and industry, and systematically explored the impact of design and architecture on their users and occupants.

The Bauhaus was closed in 1933 by National Socialist officials. Former masters and students dispersed across the continent and the world, founding schools based on Bauhaus principles in the United States and elsewhere. Walter Gropius took the helm at Harvard’s Department of Architecture. The 100th anniversary of the school’s founding marks an opportunity to reflect on the origins of the modernist tradition and the contributions of individuals who helped with its codification.

For more Information please see Bowdoin College's website.

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