Coronavirus: Appointments and Rules of Conduct for Visiting the Consulate General


The Consulate General Boston is now providing limited consular assistance for services that cannot be postponed and that require the physical presence and participation of a consular officer. For the protection of visitors and staff, services will be provided only when all protective hygienic measures have been complied with.

The visa section remains closed.

For the protection of visitors of the Consulate General, the waiting room has been reorganized to ensure social distancing. Additional marked waiting areas and information signs can be found in front of the waiting room.

Please note that the number of visitors in the waiting area of the Consulate General must be limited in order to comply with social distancing requirements while taking into account the available space.

Should you urgently need a German passport to be issued, please send an email to info@boston.diplo.de explaining your specific situation and without forgetting to include a local telephone number where you can be reached.

Urgent requests that cannot be postponed (i.e. signature certification for power of attorney and renouncing inheritance; authorization and acceptance of documents that are time sensitive (retention permits) can be sent to info@boston.diplo.de with an explanation of your specific situation (what kind of service you require and for what reason, involving which German authorities) and including your contact information.

Effective immediately, the following rules will be applied to be granted entry to the Consulate General:

-Please wear a mask when visiting the Consulate.
- Please be on time, but not earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your appointment.
- Access to the Consulate is granted only to the applicant. Minors may be accompanied by one custodian and those in need of assistance may be accompanied by one accompanying person.
- Please abstain from visiting the Consulate if you have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.
- Please note that your temperature might be taken upon entry.

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