Sister City Thursday: Billerbeck and Englewood

Billerbeck Sommer/Billerbeck in Summer

Billerbeck Sommer/Billerbeck in Summer, © Stadt Billerbeck

10.05.2018 - Article

It all started with two mayors named Kemper, who met in Billerbeck and got along right away. Mayor Ed Kemper from Englewood, Ohio was on the trail of his ancestors when he arrived in Billerbeck in western Germany. The then mayor of Billerbeck was also a Kemper, although unrelated to Ed Kemper from Ohio. And so the sister city partnership took its course.

On September 22, 1981, the city of Englewood proclaimed the establishment of partnership relations with the city of Billerbeck. Billerbeck’s City Council accepted the partnership on September 13,  1983 and declared its will to constantly deepen the friendly relations that had begun for the benefit of the citizens of both cities and to promote the encounters from person to person.

For example, an annual youth exchange has been taking place regularly for 35 years, which has already led to many friendships between families. Groups of citizens also visit each other every three years.

Billerbeck and Englewood are both small towns with similar numbers of inhabitants. When the German and American students spend five weeks in the families in the foreign country, they get to know a lot about life and culture, and also undertake trips to other regions of the host country.

In any case, the exchange programs should be continued in their tried and tested form. There is also the idea of launching meetings in the sporting field, including the two other sister cities Erquinghem-Lys in France and Iecava in Latvia, whose partnership certificates were signed last year.

With its historic old town and its idyllic location in the middle of the Baumberge mountains, the state-approved resort in Billerbeck has a lot to offer. The impressive Ludgerus Cathedral, visible from afar, and the valuable Romanesque St. John's Church, surrounded by historic storage houses, characterize the city center.

The Berkelaue Nature Reserve runs right through the city. Billerbeck is one of the few places that has retained its own character within the typical Münsterland country town.

Here there is still the dreamy cemetery surrounded by small storage houses, old, historic houses and cobblestone streets and alleys.

Go on a voyage of discovery! A bicycle tour or a walk through Billerbeck is fun and interesting - of course because of the many important monuments, but also because of many little things on the outskirts.

Further information about Billerbeck: http://www.billerbeck.de/index.php?lang=de

For information on Englewood, OH: https://www.englewood.oh.us/

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