Sister Cities: Mainz and Louisville

Dom St. Martin / Cathedral

Dom St. Martin / Cathedral, © Oliver Valentin

29.11.2018 - Article

Original German text provided by the Landeshauptstadt Mainz

Nearly 4,500 miles apart, the two cities resemble each other in many ways: both are located on a large river, Louisville on the Ohio River and Mainz on the Rhine. Both are important university cities that are home to many young people. Both have a calendar brimming with exciting events and festivities. Both are located in a scenic region where taking daytrips to the countryside is a breeze. Both are renowned for their first-rate beverages: Mainz is considered the wine capital of Germany and Louisville the bourbon capital of the United States.

The partnership between Mainz and Louisville has existed since 1994. Many friendly relationships between universities, schools, sports clubs, doctors, music groups and artists' associations from the two cities had already been established in the years before. Since then, the partnership has been cultivated and consolidated through regular exchanges of school groups and students who spend a semester at the respective partner university, in addition to private trips undertaken by residents. Artists from Louisville have exhibited their work in Mainz and young athletes from both cities have competed.

Ever since the American armed forces withdrew from Mainz, the city partnership has been important in fostering German-American friendship.

The Freundschaftskreis Mainz-Louisville (Friendship Association Mainz-Louisville) voluntarily nurtures and maintains this relationship and organizes numerous events in Mainz every year related to Louisville or the United States.

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