Examples of German-American Friendships brought to life - Sister Cities


Learn about the many sister city partnerships between Germany and the Midwest.

“Chicago has always been a city of immigrants and we are proud of our city’s diversity – an attribute that has afforded the establishment of a Sister City presence in nearly every region of the world. In today’s increasingly global society, Chicago looks forward to continuing to strengthen and expand our international partnerships.” - Richard M. Daley

Chicago is not only home of nearly 80 Consul Generals, the Windy City has 28 sister cities, one of which is Hamburg, Germany. The two cities have been linked since 1994, and in that time a manifold of exchange programs and a nurturing of cross-cultural visits has greatly deepened the transatlantic friendship. A friendship not only shared by business partnerships, but also between communities and individuals – creating the very “person-to-person diplomacy” that President Dwight D. Eisenhower envisioned in 1956.

An especially noteworthy aspect of the city partnership lies in the engagement of young people from both cities through athletic, cultural and political exchanges.

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Click here to download an unofficial list of some of the German-U.S. sister cities in the jurisdiction area of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chicago. Please note that this list has been compiled for your convenience and only contains partnerships which have been brought to our attention; it is by no means a complete listing.

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