Have you heard of the Candy Bomber?

Have you heard of the candy bomber?

Have you heard of the candy bomber?, © Dave Lund - Author & Photographer

15.04.2019 - Article

From Jun. 28, 1948 - Sept. 30, 1949 the Berlin Airlift delivered 2.3 million tons of food, fuel, and other necessities to the citizens of Berlin. Soviet forces had set up a blockade preventing the citizens in Berlin from receiving supplies.

Last Thursday at Texas A&M, Deputy Consul General Ott attended the symposium and exhibit of “Aggies in the Airlift,” which honored former students, staff, and faculty who participated in the Airlift. Honored guest, Colonel Gail Halvorsen, was the original “Candy Bomber,” as the children in Berlin nicknamed him for parachuting candy down to them.

Photo credit: Dave Lund - Author & Photographer

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