Honorary consuls: Temporary office closures

Deutschland und die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika

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30.03.2020 - Article

Due to the Corona virus, the offices of the Honorary Consul in Dallas, New Orleans and Oklahoma City as well as the passport office of the German Armed Forces in Fort Bliss, have suspended their public Access.

However, they can still be reached by email:

Dallas: dallas@hk-diplo.de

New Orleans: new-orleans@hk-diplo.de

Oklahoma: oklahoma-city@hk-diplo.de

You can reach Fort Bliss by telephone at + 1 915 201 5815 (if necessary, leave a message on the answering machine).

In any case, please note that answering your request can take several days and therefore please refrain from making further requests.

In a case of emergency contact the German Consulate General by email (info@houston.diplo.de)

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